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Game Update 1.0025

on 9/17/23

The game is now in version 1.0025, here are some of the new features:
- Resource inventory
- In-game currency
- Reward resources for making KO the flying monsters!
- NPCs added to game rooms
- Plant harvesting in Monstia world rooms
- Seeds to be planted on in-game room slots

Enjoy the game on Monstia!
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Your wishes for the game?!

on 7/22/23
Hello dear players,

I'm working on new features,

Comment with what you'd like to see in the game, in order from most to least important!

Thank you for your feedback!
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Chat Game Updates v1.0021 -> v1.0024

on 12/6/22
Hi guys,

Find all the latest changes below:

- AWESOME: GAME EVENTS every weeks!
- AWESOME: Gifts raining in game every weeks!
- Display next game events in game with countdown!
- Fix bug the players list when someone leave the Room

- Directions display board in some rooms
- Improved World Map
- Improvement of the Welcome Room and the Course Room
- Addition of Rating / Comment request for the Play Store when the player passes level 2 and / or 4
- Added Auto Error reporting to Developer

- Fix important event time bug

- Fix timezone game event countdown
- Better balance for the Gift Raining events
- Countdown displayed during Game Event
- [All] becomes [Global] for the global messages
- AFK mode is now disable when throwing magic ball
- AFK mode now takes 4 minutes to start
- Big events messages during events

See you in game!
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Mega CUTE Chat Update 1.0020

on 6/26/22
Hi the Monstia Community,
Today an awesome new CUTE UPDATE 1.0020 in on the way !

- AWESOME: CUTE UPDATE New UI, Pets & Character graphics with 10 customisable parts!
- AWESOME: Around 40+ news items to get in chests!
- AWESOME: 9 Added face emotions & 150 Added Emojis!
- AWESOME: Players List, World Map & Emojis added!
- Max level increased from 3 to 5
- New Free Skin Colors & Tatoos added!
- Techtron animated icon fixed!
- Guest have been renamed to Tourist and always wear random clothes
- Bubbles are fixed size and now even displayed when a character is out of screen

See you soon in game!
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Chat Room with Color Buckets Update 1.0019

on 4/24/22
Hi Monstia Community,
New update for you with color buckets! Full list below,

- AWESOME: New Added Chat Room with color buckets!
- Fix HTML text chat bug
- Remove sound when someone in chat room
- Improved collision system
- Discussion font size increased
- Player can now pass below platforms
- /sit command added to sit
- /zzz command is now animated
- Bomb animation improved
- Added Effects for Moderators
- Multiplayer movement engine improved
- Avatar Now Visible on Top
- Jail Implemented for Moderator

See you soon!
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5 Added Chat Rooms 1.0018

on 4/7/22
Hey guys, let's rush to try the new update 1.0018 with 5 new chat rooms!!!

- AWESOME: 5 Added Chat Rooms !!
- AWESOME: Swimming System !!
- Default & Limited Zoom for Large Screen
- UI Improved & Now Auto-Resize based on screen size
- Atmosphere System improved and synchronized in every Chat Room
- Room Loading improved
- Mushroom for Jump now shows arrow up graphics

Video here :
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Teen Chat 4K 1.0017

on 4/2/22
Yo my amazing Monstia Community,

Welcome to the new awesome update!

Discover all the new features and improvements of the 1.0017 version below :
- Skin Color System
- Chat Room Zoom now possible on all OS
- Room background decorations are now HD 4K with graphics improvement
- Improvement retry server connection
- Wardrobe Clothes Inventory Improvement
- Auto-Zoom when open Clothes Inventory
- Android Notifications System added
- Shadow under Character added
- Arrow over our Character when we enter a Room
- Character doesn't slide anymore when stop on slope

See you soon on the Teen Chat Game !
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Teen Chat 1.0016

on 3/20/22
Yo the Community !

The game release 1.0016 is ready online, and will be also available on Google Play Store within few days !

Latest game updates:
- Add Google Play In-App Update
- API calls are now HTTPS securised
- Bug fixed about Language System

- Awesome new reliable Multiplayer Movement Engine
- Character now Auto-Fall Asleep when not moving
- /zzz /zzzz /zzzzz added
- /version command added for all
- Lot of server bugs fixed

- Fix bug character display when changing room
- Add Quit Button for Android and also Logout for all other OS
- Character of Player is now always on top of other players
- New platform in the main Room
- Discussion bubbles and playernames are now displayed over others elements
- Login is now possible from Playername or Email

Wish you fun and good game on !
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Teen Tchat on Google Play Store!

on 3/15/22
Yo guys,

The Teen Tchat Game is now available on Google Play Store!
We are waiting impatiently for your 5 stars reviews to help us boost the game in store!

Tchat Game Google Play Store URL:

Have fun,
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Server Update

on 11/14/21
Hi dear Players,

We made a huge server update that solves the disconnection issues and add lot of game stability,

Wish you big fun on the Monstia Chat Game,
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Version 1.0012

on 12/29/20
The new Version 1.0012 is available!

- New wardrobe pannel very easy to use with clothes classifications
- Magic Ball is now throwing continously while pressing
- Magic Ball now moves slower
- Huge UI improvement
- Auto Recharge Energy button, usable with Shortcut Keyboard R (computer)
- Open chest with Shortcut Keyboard E (computer)
- Fix keys focus issue with UI, now it's always focus on game area
- Added Shadow on characters
- Added Error Login message in-game
- Jump height Increased for the character
- Fixed reference not found bug in some cases
- Better Techtron usage/gain icon animation
- Added Flying monsters
- Flying monster now attack when they are attacked
- Life bar with an Heaven when we die
- Crown for MonstiaKing & Royal Popularity
- New mushroom clothes & haircup to earn in chest
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Devblog #6

on 2/6/20
Welcome to the brand new devblog regarding the latest update of the addition of Monstia on Android smartphone. Find out in more detail:
- Android cross-platform application available
- Addition of level 3
- 1 random haircut added in the chest at level 1
- 4 random haircuts added to the chest at level 2
- 17 random haircuts added to the trunk at level 3
- 1 random T-Shirt added to the chest at level 3
- 1 random pants added to the chest at level 3
- Optimized and much more reliable random system simulation
- Bugs and crash fixed on the server side
- Bugs and crash corrected on the client part
- New interface on the mobile version
- The scroll of the text field will now always remain at the maximum when a new message is received
- French and English languages ​​are supported with automatic language detection on the phone
- Server connection loading message has been improved
- Addition of particles on the game in each room
- Addition of particles on the chests in each room
- Improved translation
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Devblog #5

on 9/28/19
Devblog 5, here it is! Many additions and a lot of modifications to the program, let's discover this without delay:

Current Version: 1.0009
    - New map with a chest.
    - Improved movement of the character, it no longer sticks to the map and is now more fluid.
    - The speed of the magic ball when launched (space bar) has been improved and is faster.
    - A complete energy recharge has been added to the in-game store.
    - The self recharge energy was increased to 8 per second (being at 5 at the time).
    - The order of the layers of the character's body have been improved.
    - There are many more techtrons to win in the chests.
    - Administrator role added.
    - XP system added.
    - Display the level according to the XP.
    - New tshirt, pants and haircut for level 1 and 2.
    - Ceiling level 2 maximum added.
    - Emote /zzz
    - commands /sleep, /zzz, !Zzz, zzz, zzz
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Devblog #4

on 8/26/19
Welcome to the 4th devblog! Some additions, adjustments and a visual modification have been put in place.

-> Fixed a problem with registration
-> New website background
-> New general design of the website
-> Fixed Unity WebGL bug that caused browser game issues
-> Beginning of the development of the voting system for the elections of the kings
-> Partner Links added
-> Speed ​​optimization of the site
-> SEO Optimization
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Devblog #3

on 9/23/18
Welcome to the third dev blog. Today, a lot of new features and improvements have been added:

-> Adding a background to the maps
-> Added a parallax system on the background that makes the effect more fluid when the character moves
-> Fixed the glitch where the player was sliding on some platforms
-> Fix the bug where the player could go under the map
-> Added teleportation on platforms if the player falls into the void
-> Adding a new cursor style available in the game
-> Adding new clothes for chest rewards
-> Fix the bug where you couldn't move when you clicked on the wardrobe or buttons
-> Added a message visible to all players when someone collects a reward in a chest
-> New logo for the site
-> New interface design for the site
-> Added "Chatting", "Dashboard", "Members" buttons on the site
-> Adjustment of the problem of news/dev blog the most recent one that was not displayed on the homepage
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Devblog #2

on 9/9/18
Welcome to this second devblog! Today we will see the changes made on the website about the languages.
We want the game to be understood by every living thing on this planet!

-> Forum in several languages. By adding the forum, we decide to add the French and English language. You can change language at the top right of the site
-> The languages are now displayed in the URL (EN, FR ...)
-> Languages are now displayed with their flags
-> Languages are automatically detected by the website to allow a simpler ergonomics and limit the use of the button
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Devblog #1

on 9/9/18
Hi everybody ! If you are there, it's because you are attending the very first Monstia Devblog! We will trace all the first advancements of the site and improvements. Only the website part is included in this devblog.


-> The display of devblog is broadcast only on the home page, that's how you can read this one!
-> Additions of sections "News" and "Devblog", news will disseminate news. Devblog can develop them in detail.
-> BBCode in the forum, which allows a varied text editing (underline, bold, italicize, enlarge text, shrink, colors etc.)
-> Optimized Account Validation, we make sure to use a convenient system for your accounts to be certified as real accounts. They are made in several languages ??according to the language of the site in which you registered.
-> The registration page has been added.
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