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Version 1.0012

The new Version 1.0012 is available!

- New wardrobe pannel very easy to use with clothes classifications
- Magic Ball is now throwing continously while pressing
- Magic Ball now moves slower
- Huge UI improvement
- Auto Recharge Energy button, usable with Shortcut Keyboard R (computer)
- Open chest with Shortcut Keyboard E (computer)
- Fix keys focus issue with UI, now it's always focus on game area
- Added Shadow on characters
- Added Error Login message in-game
- Jump height Increased for the character
- Fixed reference not found bug in some cases
- Better Techtron usage/gain icon animation
- Added Flying monsters
- Flying monster now attack when they are attacked
- Life bar with an Heaven when we die
- Crown for MonstiaKing & Royal Popularity
- New mushroom clothes & haircup to earn in chest
The Monstia King - Le Roi de Monstia, MonstiaKing,
on 12/29/20
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