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Chat Room with Color Buckets Update 1.0019

Hi Monstia Community,
New update for you with color buckets! Full list below,

- AWESOME: New Added Chat Room with color buckets!
- Fix HTML text chat bug
- Remove sound when someone in chat room
- Improved collision system
- Discussion font size increased
- Player can now pass below platforms
- /sit command added to sit
- /zzz command is now animated
- Bomb animation improved
- Added Effects for Moderators
- Multiplayer movement engine improved
- Avatar Now Visible on Top
- Jail Implemented for Moderator

See you soon!
The Monstia King - Le Roi de Monstia, MonstiaKing,
on 4/24/22
hi i need a boyfriend
Cher and adele
on 4/28/22
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