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New player ban system

on 10/16/23
Hi dear players,

I've introduced a new system to ban players from the website and game,

So I can clean up the forum of undesired posts, and bad undesired player's name or player's profile.

See you soon in game!
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Chat Events 1.0024

on 12/6/22
Hello dear Monstia players,

Version 1.0024 is available on Chrome browser, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and brings a lot of new features, including in-game events every week!

So stay tuned to not miss the events to win gifts with your buddies on the Monstia chat game!

See you next time!
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New Cute Graphisms!

on 6/27/22
Hello Monstia Community,

I'm pleased to announce this new version 1.0020 which contains a graphical redesign of the characters to make them more cute, and thus attract new players!

As you may have noticed, there is also a new world map with a player counter included in your favourite virtual chat game!

You will also discover many new clothes and customizable parts of the character to win in the chests of the Monstia world!

See you soon on the game!
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Chat Game HD 4K!

on 4/2/22
Hello my Dear Community,

I'm very pleased to announce that the game has been updated to 4K and that the graphics of the characters have been improved so that you can have even more fun in the world of Monstia with your friends!

The Android mobile version of the game is being verified by Google Play as I write this message!

Thank you very much for your feedback on how to improve the game!

See you soon on the chat!
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Chat and Website now secured!

on 3/15/22
Hi Community of Monstia,

The Tchat and the Website are now secured with HTTPS protocols to protect your data better and to improve our search ranking!

We still working on lot of improvements coming soon,

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Game Monsters!

on 1/14/21
Hello to you,
Citizens of Monstia!

Version 1.0012 is finally available!

Many additions and improvements have been made to the chat game for teenagers!

A new wardrobe, new clothes and the arrival of monsters to **** with your magic ball!

Meet me on the game!
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The Game on Android !

on 2/6/20
Hello monsters!
The new update is filled with good news, including the release of our Monstia game on Android smartphone! Indeed you can now play on mobile with your Android smartphone by downloading the "Monstia" application on the Play Store! That's not all, the game interface has been completely redesigned and modified to increase your comfort on the mobile part.

Then level 3 has been added, you can now progress further. In addition, thanks to this new level, new haircuts, new t-shirts and new pants have been added.

I invite you to consult the new devblog to learn more about this new update.
Go, forward monsters, all to your smartphones!
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New game chat room!

on 9/28/19
Hi monsters!

A new version of the game will be deployed and it promises a good mix of incredible new!
Let's start with the biggest, a NEW MAP with a new chest has been added! So you can wander further and open twice as many chests!
Then the XP system and level was added. Your level (the max level is level 2 at the moment) will be displayed according to the number of XP you have!
A new item in the shop is also appearing, it is an item of energy recharge to recharge all your energy if you do not have any more (the energy is emptied by making jumps, using powers etc. ..).
Still some small additions, commands and emotes! To use the sleep command (which puts your player to sleep and displays a Zzz emote), you have several ways to write it in the chat:
"/sleep", "/zzz" "!zzz", "zzz", "Zzz".
And here - wait, is it not over?
New clothes? Yes!
There are new t-shirts, pants and haircuts available for Levels 1 and 2.
There are still plenty of added things to discover, and to learn more in detail, you can check out the new devblog.

That's all for today, see you next time on Monstia!

(Do not forget to clear your cache)
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Online website updated!

on 8/26/19
Hello everyone!

Little update today:

The website is evolving! A fresh new design has been added. The voting system for the elections of the kings is in progress (you will know more later).
We also optimized the speed of the website.
To learn more about the settings and additions go see the new available devblog.
We'll see you later for the next update, which will be more important!
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Chests? We're rich! We're rich!

on 9/23/18
Hello, players!

The chests are landing on Monstia. In some maps, a chest will be placed in a certain place. A reward is hidden there and you will have to approach it to take its content. Once the contents are in your pocket, the chest will remain open for 10 minutes, until another reward slips into it! Try to be the first to collect the rewards!

Discover the changed start map! Blue mushrooms are the ones you can jump on, red ones are neutral, leave them alone... Go through the small suspension bridge to access the chest of the starting map.

Remember to check out the new devblog which will explain in detail the new features and improvements.
Enjoy your stay on Monstia!
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What do you think of a makeover?

on 9/16/18
Hello everybody!

A new fashion has arrived on Monstia... While you tread the lands of the island, you discover ...

Clothes! Yes, customize your character to infinity with unique clothes! Make your friends jealous by accumulating the best possible clothes, change your style whenever you want directly!

That's not all? Yes! The design of the forum has changed, your characters remain at your side, or at least, next to your comments. Click on the character of a user to see his profile.

Another news? Yes! You can login directly in-game and if you leave the game, when you come back your character will have stayed exactly where you disconnected. What a good boy.

By the way, the interface is now more beautiful :)

Have a good stay on Monstia and we'll meet you for the next news, in a very short time!
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Monstia arrives now on your screen!

on 9/9/18
Welcome to Monstia!

For this first update, you discover a world accessible in one place only, a basic "map". Several maps will be available in the future. You can walk with the arrow keys or WASD. Use your space key to shoot purple ***** (useless, but you'll understand later ...) You can chat with your friends and walk with them, or jump on mushrooms! This is just the beginning, soon, Monstia will become an amazing world, so stay faithful if you want to live a fulfilling dream in this 2D online chat game! Regarding the website, you can access the forum of your language or register to answer the topics posted there. Important publications are also posted on the homepage.

Have a good stay on Monstia and see you soon :)!
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