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New game chat room!

Hi monsters!

A new version of the game will be deployed and it promises a good mix of incredible new!
Let's start with the biggest, a NEW MAP with a new chest has been added! So you can wander further and open twice as many chests!
Then the XP system and level was added. Your level (the max level is level 2 at the moment) will be displayed according to the number of XP you have!
A new item in the shop is also appearing, it is an item of energy recharge to recharge all your energy if you do not have any more (the energy is emptied by making jumps, using powers etc. ..).
Still some small additions, commands and emotes! To use the sleep command (which puts your player to sleep and displays a Zzz emote), you have several ways to write it in the chat:
"/sleep", "/zzz" "!zzz", "zzz", "Zzz".
And here - wait, is it not over?
New clothes? Yes!
There are new t-shirts, pants and haircuts available for Levels 1 and 2.
There are still plenty of added things to discover, and to learn more in detail, you can check out the new devblog.

That's all for today, see you next time on Monstia!

(Do not forget to clear your cache)
on 9/28/19
can you make one so we can change our clothes in the main menu?
on 6/27/20
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