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Chests? We're rich! We're rich!

Hello, players!

The chests are landing on Monstia. In some maps, a chest will be placed in a certain place. A reward is hidden there and you w...

What do you think of a makeover?

Hello everybody!

A new fashion has arrived on Monstia... While you tread the lands of the island, you discover ...

Clothes! Ye...

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Devblog #3

Welcome to the third dev blog. Today, a lot of new features and improvements have been added:

-> Adding a background to the maps
-> Add...

Devblog #2

Welcome to this second devblog! Today we will see the changes made on the website about the languages.
We want the game to be understood by every livi...
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Monstia, what is it?

Discover THE new chat game in a virtual online world where teens meet in a fun, happy and friendly way!

Meeting between teens, community chat, joke and humor, play and chat all together on Monstia.com the new chat teen social multiplayer platform game online!

Walk, jump and discover the kingdom of Monstia! Start now with the Alpha version of the game, that we regularly update!

Coming very soon

Customize your virtual character, craft your own clothes and get the best virtual appareance to show off with others teens that you will meet there! Make a lot of new friends in this virtual 2D world!

Have fun and fight against your friends with supernatural powers that you can craft yourself! Meet teens and make some PvP fight or just trap them with your super game items!